Monday, June 3, 2013

Lmao Has It Been Awhile Or What? I Forgot About You, Dear, Sweet Blog of Mine

So. . . Here we are. . . In the bitter shame of a blog forgotten! Thought I'd post something. I have been doing things. It's not like I've been that lazy or anything! Hah. . . I have been learning piano. Sort of. Can't say what I've done so far really counts as learning the piano, but it's a start, dammit!!! And now that I've put it out there, now I MUST practice those keys! And I went from making NO art to making a SHIT load of art. Lots and lots of projects going on. Perhaps you folks out there that give a rat's behind (all two or three of you that read my blog!) will see art postings on here in the near future! Not promising anything though, cuz I likely forget. Or you'll most likely see it on Facebook first. Down to ze business, the charity business that is.

Went to this event:

Cameron Morgan, of course, of course, did a great job with putting this together. And I designed the flyer! Great speakers and a great film. Definitely eye-opening and opens one for debate about sex-trafficking and prostitution in America. I volunteered during the event and helped gather people's donations.

Well, that's my recent news. Oh! I'm aspiring to be a barista. So hey any cool coffee shops out there! I've got barista experience and an open schedule! And a love for coffee! Haha. . .

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