Friday, December 23, 2011

Love is Fashionable

Yes, well. . . It has been a little while! Perhaps I've been a little busy, but I certainly did not mean to neglect you, my dear blog. =) So, I know this is dated information (haha!), but on November 18th (a month ago) I participated in the Love is Fashionable benefit fashion show to help drought victims in East Africa. It was at Weber State University and the donations went the the International Rescue Committee. Yup, right, no I wasn't a model in the show. I'm short, I know, hah, but I worked on the artwork to help promote the show. I designed the flyer:

And I also designed the programs (very last minute! Four in the morning last minute! You're welcome Cameron). It was a really bithchin' cool event because so many of my friends and such were involved. My dear boyfriend, David was running sound, my friends Cameron Morgan and Zach Stickney planned and directed the event, plus many other awesome faces were involved. (Zach's speach was sooooo very rather moving. Thanks Zach! You are so cool.) The stormy weather did not prevent the amazing support.

Around the same time of the show, I was working on a drawing for my Installation class about the ideas of drought. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture for you viewers to see yet, but I will someday soon, because I need to work on it more. (It's a giant drawing. . .)


Merry Christmas!